Internet model shuts down incredibly sexist tweet

Internet sensation, singer and model Acacia Brinley, 18, has defended women rights after Vine star Taylor Caniff’s, 20, posted an incredibly sexist tweet a few days ago.

Caniff’s sexist tweet, deleted after the back-and-forth argument between the young Internet sensations went viral, was there long enough for someone to screenshot it.   Ceg30GFWAAEq35-.jpg-large Acacia Brinley, new to activism acts, called out the Vine star for his thoughtless posts, and encouraged all of her young followers to defend women rights and created the hashtag #IAmNotAProp.

With over 710,000 Twitter followers, Brinley used her social power in the best way possible – making more and more young people stand up, loud and proud, against prejudice and sexism.

But as the common stance “the best defence is a good offence”, Caniff, instead of taking it all on himself and apologising, replied in the least distasteful way ever – by body shaming Brinley in true sexist form.

Since when does what you do with your own body makes you an object? Since when does showing your own body mean disrespecting yourself? Why body shaming is even still a thing?

And why in 21st century, after so many years fighting for women rights and equality, a young man is capable of saying something like that?

Well, Taylor realised his mistake – when it was a bit too late – and eventually, but not directly, apologised for his unfortunate words.

Hopefully next time someone, especially with so many young followers, will think twice before saying something as disrespectful.

Natalia Kaluza

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