Israeli shoot a mentally ill woman near Gaza Border

By Bahar Hussain

Israeli soldier points his gun at Palestinians

Israeli military killed a woman near the Gaza Strip that considered to be a restricted area for Palestinians by Israel.

The incident happened in the southern part of Khan Younis city in Gaza, last Friday.

Khan Younis-Gaza

Israel says that it protects the buffer zone from the attacks made by the militants. And there have been numerous shootings of Palestinians who break the boards of that area in spite of warnings.

The woman’s neighbours said the 50 years old victim ‘’Amna Qdaih’’ suffered from mental illness and they have no idea why she was near the fence.

The Israeli military said that the woman was part of a group of people who ignored orders to leave the restricted area, at which point they fired at the legs of the group.

Ms Qdaih’s body was found and moved to a hospital on the earliest of the next day of the incident. Local authorities claimed that she was hit by several bullets on different parts of her body.



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