It’s Too Late Now to Say Sorry – Bieber Leaves Fan Bloody

Credit to Joe Bielawa from MInneapolis, USA

Credit to Joe Bielawa from MInneapolis, USA

Justin Bieber ‘punches fan’ and ‘leaves him bloody.’

Justin Bieber punched a fan in the face whilst on tour in Barcelona on Tuesday night (the 22nd).

The fan reportedly ran up to Bieber’s car and poked his hand through the window, to which Bieber responded quickly by punching him in the face, causing the fan’s lip to bleed.

TMZ managed to capture the incident, displaying Bieber greeting fans with the window down on arrival to his show at Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi stadium.

The video shows the fan shouting Bieber’s name and putting his hand in the window before a bystander pointed out that he’d touched the singer’s face, which was then followed with Justin throwing the punch at the unsuspecting fan.

Bad-boy-Bieber has faced an undeniable amount of criticism during his Purpose Tour, after somewhat redeeming himself during various public appearances. On stage tantrums in Manchester and Birmingham, and lazy lip-syncing and half hearted dance routines have left fans less than pleased with the singer.

It seems as though Justin Bieber may try to redeem himself in the public eye, as a source told PEOPLE in early November that although Bieber may be hot headed on stage, he is much more gracious off stage.

You can read the article by PEOPLE here

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