Jaguar Land Rover: Pioneers of the Future?

By Daniel Burton

Britain’s motoring industry has shown signs of improving. Sales figures have been at their highest level since 2008 and Coventry’s Jaguar Land Rover has been one of the companies posting excellent results.

Jaguar’s UK sales have soared by 15% during the 2013/14 financial year. The Cheylesmore company, has also made history by becoming the UK’s first manufacturing company to be awarded the BITC Responsible Business of the Year.

Andrew Noakes, a senior lecturer in Automotive Journalism at Coventry University believes that Jaguar’s recent success will benefit Coventry and the surrounding area. “The success of Jaguar and Land Rover means that other brands… are being attracted to this area and that’s got to be good for Coventry and for the West Midlands.”

Jaguar have introduced their new programme to help unemployment.

Jaguar have introduced their new programme to help unemployment.

Jaguar has also announced their plans to tackle youth unemployment in the community. In November Jaguar launched its ‘Inspiring Tomorrow’s Workforce’ programme which gives young people the opportunity to learn skills and receive qualifications that will aid them in getting employment.

Another step in Jaguar’s legacy programme tackles the environmental issues posed by the production of their vehicles. The company will strive to use recycled aluminium in their vehicles and a meeting with their suppliers is scheduled for April. Furthermore, Jaguar is aiming to make people more aware of driving economically and the money that will be saved from these initiatives will be used to benefit the community.

Land Rover, too, is aiming to reduce the environmental impacts of their vehicles. The manufacturer has already received hybrid motors for its new Range Rover Sport Hybrid, which can still produce a good performance whilst keeping emissions down. A number of Land Rover’s vehicles will be constructed from aluminium which will reduce the weight of the cars, further cutting down CO2 emissions.

Combined, Jaguar and Land Rover sold over 425,000 vehicles in 2013. There still seems to be a high demand for Jaguar’s high luxury cars; recently Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho placed an order for Jaguar’s new F-Type Coupe and an advertisement was also shown during the American Football Super Bowl.

With both companies doing well, there is renewed hope in our motoring industry. On a recent visit to Jaguar Land Rover’s Engine Manufacturing Centre in the West Midlands, Prime Minister David Cameron said that it made his “spirits soar when I see an exciting future for British manufacturing”. He also labelled the company as a “great British success story” and with the two companies continuing to deliver quality products alongside fascinating initiatives for the community, it is easy to see why.


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