Kesha breaks down as Judge refuses to cancel contract with alleged rapist

Kesha broke into tears on Friday as a judge ruled that she would have to continue to work with the man who allegedly raped her.

The Tik-Tok star, whose real name is Kesha Rose Sebert, had sought to nullify her recording contract with Sony because it meant she would have to be in contact with super-producer Dr Luke, 42.

However, a judge at Manhattan Supreme Court refused to let her walk away from the contract, meaning she will have to produce another six-albums with the record label – and the man she accused of raping her in 2006.

The 28-year-old singer claims that Dr Luke, whose real name is Luke Gottwald, drugged her with a pill and raped her just after her 18th birthday, but he was never criminally charged.

Despite Sony offering to let her work with another producer, Kesha feared that staying with the record company would mean her music would not be as heavily promoted because she wasn’t working with their biggest producer. Her lawyer has also contended that the company has more invested in Dr Luke than in the artist.

As the she left the courtroom, dozens of fans rallied to support the shocked artist. Free Kesha Now! the crowd repeatedly chanted as the star emerged.

The same sentiment has been shown from her fans online, with the hastags #FreeKeshaNow and #FreeKesha trending on social media since the judgment was announced.

Celebrities have also taken to Twitter to show their support for Kesha. Lady Gaga, Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande are among those who have publicly tweeted their support for the star after the hearing.

Since the injunction was denied, fans have been signing a petition to release the artist from her contract and some have called for the public to boycott Sony in retaliation.


Rhiannon Everton

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