Kim Jong-un to meet South Korean leader

Leaders of North and South Korea have agreed to meet at a milestone summit next month after Seoul’s envoy made a rare trip to Pyongyang.

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un also said that he is willing to talk with the US about erasing all nuclear weapons.

Their have been several programs in the past to halt North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, all resulting in failed attempts.

This will be the first time since 2007 that the two countries have held a summit with each other.

The summit meeting will take place at the truce village of Panmunjom.

Capitalising on Winter Olympics truce

On returning from Pyongyang, South Korean officials were told by Kim Jong-un that he is willing to open talks about getting rid of their nuclear weapons with the South if he feels the regime’s security could be guaranteed.

Kim Jong-un also mentioned that no nuclear weapon tests would take place while negotiations with S Korea were taking place.

On Monday, officials from South Korea had dinner with Kim Jong-un and were the first to meet the North Korean leader since being in office in 2011.

The dinner capped off a trip where both officials from the North and South of Korea came together to unite for the Winter Olympic games in February of this year.

The Olympics also saw the United States continually say rapprochement with North Korea is unlikely without the country’s commitment to giving up all nuclear weapons.

South Korean officials are traveling to the US later this week to debrief the President Trump the North Korean supreme leader.


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