Krychowiak: The road from transfer flop to the top

The Pole was a main actor of arguably the most surprising transfer in the Premier League era. John Williams, the West Bromwich Albion chairman, labelled him as “the best player that has played in West Midlands throughout the century”, but the 27-year-old is yet to prove it. We reflect why.


Grzegorz Krychowiak. The former Sevilla star was selected a year ago in the dream team of Euro 2016. He was one of the best central midfielders in Europe who was chased regularly by European football giants. And finally he is the person that, according to Polish reports barely knew anything about the Hawthorns’ existence, but still has chosen to spend a year there.

How shocking was this transfer was? The best sentence has been made by Phil McNulty, editor-in-chief of BBC football section, who said to iCov News, “Had you told me 12 months ago that a footballer like him is about to join West Bromwich Albion, I would have laughed at you.”


Nonetheless, the 27-year-old footballer was forced to save his career because of terrible season at Paris Saint Germaine. West Brom seemed to be a reasonable option. After collecting 7 out of 9 points from first three games, the Baggies entailed everything what Krychowiak needed before next year’s World Cup: minutes, a permanent place in the line-up and the trust of coach Tony Pulis.

The arrival of the Polish international was supposed to mark a new chapter of the Second City club where avoiding relegation would be taken for granted. Since landing at the Hawthorns, however, the club picked up just four league points out of 24 possible and settled for a relegation battle.

But as Jacek Stańczyk, the editor-in-chief of Polish sport outlet WP Sportowe Fakty said to iCov News, it is not Krychowiak who should be particularly blamed for this state of affairs: – Grzegorz has instantly become a crucial part of the team. It seems obvious that West Bromwich are struggling to find any points, especially in away games. But Krychowiak is probably the last player to be criticised by fans.


According to the Premier League’s stats centre, even though the Polish international missed the first few games of the season, he is leading the team in terms of interceptions which is likely to be followed by the same figures in passes and touches. But Baggies manager Tony Pulis still thinks that Krychowiak might develop in the next couple of weeks. All he has to do is become familiar with the British style of playing.

Simon Stone from BBC Sport told iCov News that it would not be any problem for the former Sevilla star. Especially if playing for West Brom entails all strengthens of Grzegorz’s game like high pressure, physical appearance and fast sprinting from defence to attack.

The Baggies supporters still have a hope that it is going to be proved soon. Eventually, Pulis claimed that this season is going to be the toughest for the club to survive. If you want to avoid relegation it cannot be done by relying on an in-depth squad which features only average players. There are stars who makes these “six point games” easier to adapt. And Krychowiak is the main man amongst them all.


WBA manager Tony Pulis believes that Krychowiak might extricate his side from this season’s difficulties (Photo by Ronnie Macdonald, courtesy of Creative Commons)


Especially given that all banners which promote tickets for games at the Hawthorns features a frame of Polish international. Supporter Gurdev Bal, who has not missed any home game of the Baggies since mid 90s, said to iCov News: “I am wearing his jersey as he is just the best. He is just a too high-class player to play for us. He should have joined Arsenal or Liverpool.”

One of the best general managers in footballing history, Monchi, didn’t accidentally rank Krychowiak as his best recruit ever. Polish international is such a professionalist that he demanded DVD’s of Albion’s games from last season to ensure he adapts quickly to Premier League requirements. If he maintains his development, his loan to West Brom might surprise not only Phil McNulty but also every single pundit of English football across the World.


Maks Chudzik


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