Labour Front Bencher Wants a Second Referendum

Labour MP, Owen Smith, who last made an impression on the British political landscape when running against current Labour leader to be the head of the party back in 2016, has stated he would support a second referendum.


When the result of the EU referendum swung in favour of leaving in 2016, many remain voters were hugely disappointed as you can imagine by the end result, with some claiming that the ‘leavers’ had been scared into their decisions. This opinion correlates to the divided opinion within the campaigns themselves for both leave and remain, as many thought them to utilise scare-mongering tactics to gain support.


One demonstration of this made headlines back then, which was the NHS bus, claiming that leaving the European Union would save the country £350 million, which could be put to use saving the NHS. Due to these slightly warped campaigns, the UK public have been rumoured to want another EU referendum, but what exactly would that prove?

On the contrary, Owen Smith, Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary, believes that now talks have ended with European Union Officials, a second referendum should be held. Corbyn, his superior has already announced that he wishes for the UK to back membership of the EU market.


What do you think?


Should we have another referendum, or what that simply dilute the whole Brexit discussion further?


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