Let’s Fight Consumerism and Have a Sunday Fun Day at a Car Boot Sale!

© Copyright Rossographer and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

© Copyright Rossographer and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Consumerist society is a society defined as the people who buy the things they don’t need with the money they don’t have to impress someone they don’t know. Fighting consumerism is really important in order to save the resources we are given from the nature. Car Boot Sales are a perfect little step towards it!

5AM, Sunday – most of the students, adults or young professionals are dreaming the sweetest of dreams. Some of them probably feel tired after their Saturday nights out, so they just indulge in a deep sleep. There are some that just use this as an opportunity to have the perfect day-off. And you will of course encounter those people that just can’t get out of bed earlier than lunchtime.

However, there are the others. There are those that enjoy early mornings, others who are enthusiastic about getting fresh baked bread for their breakfast. Some who love the fog outside and are happy to take little adventures. Or you will come across people who just love fresh rustic vegetables. And others, who do care about better world!

So, when someone thinks that they have not missed anything while sleeping half of their life away; the others say that they did miss something! Believe it or not, this “something” is something big and unique! It’s a car boot sale!

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What is a car boot sale?

Car Boot sale is a sale where people can buy and sell their goods. It’s a great way to make a difference.

Wonder how? It’s easy. For instance, if you are a student and you are in need of some books. Find the books in the Car Boot. Don’t buy the new ones. Re-use! Firstly, you will save huge amounts of money. Secondly, you will save nature, the trees and the animals!

Image by Berta Balsyte

What are the Car Boot Sale benefits?

For those, who live in England, it might not look like something special.

However, for the others, who come to England to study or just to visit it, it’s something different. You might say that other countries also have Sunday markets or bazaars, which are similar to car boot sales in England. You would be right. It’s similar but it’s definitely not the same.

The Car boot sales are quite unique in Britain. There are many differences including the fact that the prices are lower, the quality is better, the quantity is bigger and the products are more satisfying.

Ms. Eloise from Coventry says that she is a car boot addict. “My parents started taking me to car boot sales from an early age and we went through a time of going every weekend either to sell or for a look around”.

“We don’t buy the things we don’t need. We get rid of the things we don’t need. Some people sell things that they wouldn’t usually sell. So, car boot sales can often be a great place to pick up a bargain. It is also a way to clear out your garage when you have been hoarding things that you don’t need but didn’t want to part with some time ago”.


Why it’s worth to visit?

It’s simply worth to visit, because, as Ms. Eloise explains, you can get rid of things whilst promoting the re-usage of items and preserve nature.

If you are student or just a book lover, you can find great deals like 3 books for 1pound! If you are fresh and healthy food lover, you can get a bag of vegetables for only few pounds! If you need some furniture for your rented house/room, you can find real bargains too. Can you believe it? And more importantly, if you are collector, you can find things such as paintings or watches, worth much more than it costs.


Where and when it is going on?

Car Boot Sales usually happen on a Sunday and/or Saturday. They are based all around England.

However, the one that is massive is situated near to Coventry. It is called Stoneleigh Indoor Car Boot Sale. You can easily find it using your sat nav. The postcode for that is CV8 2LZ.

It usually opens at 5AM for the sellers and 6AM for the buyers. There are 4 massive indoor halls and some space outdoors where people can park their cars and display their goods.



Who can come?

Anyone, who has something to offer, can come and sell their goods. There is no need to have a seller license or something else; you can just sell the things that you don’t need anymore.

Anyone who wants to take a little step towards environmental safety can also contribute to re-using things. Don’t you think it’s a great way to fight consumerism? If you haven’t thought about that, yet then, give it a try!

More info about the carboot sale can be found here:



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