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Throughout the last six weeks, the team at iCov have been working incredibly hard to provide quality content and make the best experience possible.

Since re-launching on 22nd January, articles have been posted almost every day with subjects from unofficial bin strikes to ten reasons to watch Pulp Fiction, and even a live blog on the Brit Awards. Members of the online team – usually between five and seven people – submitted two pieces for the website per week.

Much of the hard work came in the week before launch, working tirelessly every day to make sure that the website was ready for launch and to a high standard – and the hard work paid off, with more people than ever before visiting iCov and sharing pieces written by students. 

Based primarily in Coventry University’s new television studio and learning space The Tank, iCov worked closely in particular with The Lunchbox, a television show set up and run by fellow second year Journalism & Media students. As you may have seen on iCov, all episodes of The Lunchbox have been available on the website – and we contributed to the social media of the show as well.

Rhiannon Everton, who was Features Editor and Social Media Manager for iCov, said her personal highlight was when iCov went live. “I loved seeing everyone’s faces when they were so happy and proud of our work,” she said. “We’d worked so hard on the project and I’m sure we all lost a bit of sleep over it in the run up to the re-launch. It was wonderful to finally be able to share all of our hard work with our peers, friends and families.

“Something I’m particularly proud of is my work being shared by other people, like Coventry Music Museum. My article was the most clicked post on iCov for a week, and I felt so happy that loads of people were reading my work and sharing it with their friends.

“I really enjoyed writing about things I enjoyed and cared about. I felt I was able to challenge myself and push myself if I wanted to, and the whole team were really supportive each other, making it a brilliant really fun experience.”

And who says working on a website can’t be fun? There were plenty of laughs in the pursuit of research…

Natalia Kaluza was Creative Director during the rebirth of iCov, and Editor in the final two weeks. She was proud of her achievements and was keen to learn from other people and share her knowledge with others too. Watch an audio slideshow with her views below.

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