Liverpool Defender Dejan Lovern Opens Up About Past

Liverpool Football Club competes in the Premier League, the top level of English football. They were founded in 1892 and are seen as one of the biggest football clubs in the world. The current manager of the first team is Jurgen Klopp.


Recently Liverpool FC has not been enjoying a good run, only one win in their last ten games. This has been a mixture of league and cup games with their one win being a 1-0 victory against Plymouth Argyle in the Emirates FA Cup. They have lost to the likes of Swansea, Wolves, Southampton and Hull City, which arguably should have been comfortable wins for the team. They have suffered measurably with absences from Phillip Coutinho, Nathanial Clyne due to injuries and then Sergio Mane participating in the African Cup of Nations.


It’s going to be a challenging week for the team as they prepare to face Tottenham Hotspurs this Saturday. They will hope to defeat Spurs, who are currently 2nd in the league, in order to finish their disappointing run and also take a vital 3 points from the title contenders to hopefully rejoin the top 4.


It is also a important week for Dejan Lovren, not only is he being assessed over his knee injury which will determine if he will be included in the squad against Spurs, a new LFCTV documentary called ‘Lovren: My life as a Refugee’ is being released tomorrow [8th of February].

The documentary includes Lovren explaining his story, details of his past and about the war, which he got caught up in the middle of. He has never come forward to share his story publicly like this before, his mother even advised him not too.


He was born to Croatian parents in Yugoslavia that is now Bosnia and Herzegovina. The family had to flee to Munich because of the Bosnian war in 1992 when Lovren was three years old. He spent seven years in Germany where he learnt perfect German, went to school and played for a little club. The family had to leave Germany due to not owning the correct and necessary documentation to stay. They moved to Karlovac in Croatia.


The documentary gives a personal insight to what happened at that time and Lovren states that “when I see what’s happening today I just remember my thing”. It is honorable and brave for Lovren to share his story like this – it could offer support to current refugees to see a successful premier league football player’s story in his early life, which might be similar to theirs.


You can view the trailer for the documentary here.

Drew Jenkins

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