Love Actually: What Will Happen After 14 years?

Recent days, an exciting news jumped into the public eye, a new “Love Actually” film will be released on the Red Nose Day. Even though it will only be an about 10 minutes’ short film, people are all too impatient to wait to know what will happen after 14 years.

Love Actually, as a great Christmas movie, it gave the audiences a lot of warmth in the winter time. Lots of people watch it every Christmas, and so do I. The plot, filming method and the all-star cast of Love Actually were imitated by many other movies after it, but there is no better than it did.


It is already known that Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Rowan Atkinson, Liam Neeson, Keira Knightley, Andrew Lincoln and some other the old casts will appear in the new film. What new stories will the characters have? Will the children of the Prime Minister and his wife Natalie still study in that school? Will Daniel get married again? How will Sam meet his dream girl again? What will happen between Jamie Bennett and his Portuguese woman? Is the singer Billy Mack still live and work with his old partner? And is Rowan Atkinson still keen on wrapping gifts?

However, Emma Thompson will not appear in the new film, because Alan Rickman, her husband Harry in the story died last year. And the film will not tribute Alan Rickman since time is short, the director Richard Curtis couldn’t conceive a complete and sensible outcome in such a short time. So any story about the two roles, Karen and Harry will not appear in the sequel.

This sequel is actually a charity short film, aiming at the annual Red Nose Day charity donations. Red nose day is founded by Comic Relief, a charity in the UK, carry on a fundraiser for six weeks through various entertainment shows. Now the charity festival has been generalized to Europe and the United States. The new “Love Actually” film will be shown in Britain and the United States, special air time on 24 March (BBC1) and May 25 (NBC).


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