MALAGA: easyJet say it’s vital Britain vote no to Brexit

easyJet have revealed that they will be campaigning for the UK to stay in the EU.

The UK carries the third highest number of passengers of any country and the upcoming Brexit vote, has caused alarm for holidaymakers and airline companies alike.

“Aviation is a good example of the benefits of the EU – the single aviation area gives airlines freedom to fly across Europe and since its introduction passengers have seen fares fall by around 40% and routes increase by 180%,” said easyJet spokesperson Katie Kershaw. “The UK’s membership of the EU and the open access this provides is important to easyJet, so we will be helping to make the case for Britain to stay in.”

But what could Brexit do to air travel? Some experts argue there is a possibility that flights would be less frequent to different parts of Europe. There is also potential that flight prices could be increased because of negative impact on sterling and British holidaymakers may have to apply for visas to go abroad, rather than using the current EU passport.

Other leading airline companies have issued statements, but don’t seem too concerned about the outcome of the referendum.

Chief Executive of British Airways, Willie Walsh, said: “A ‘Brexit’ would not have a significant impact on the business.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Thomas Cook UK said, “It’s up to the British public to decide and when we know the outcome of the vote, we’ll then consider the consequences if there are any.”

Georgina Elliott

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