MALAGA: Is Brexit going to affect Malaga’s tourism industry?

Will British tourism to Spain be affected if Britons vote for Brexit?

That’s the conundrum faced by resort cities like Malaga and the surrounding beach towns, where an estimated six million tourists visit each year.

The general idea seems to be that if the UK leaves Europe, the economic climate, including their primary income of tourism, will be affected.

Malaga is known as “the capital of the Costa del Sol” and is a favoured destination for British people looking to go abroad.

So what’s the reality? According to the Malaga tourism office, in 2015 there have been 24,188 UK tourists visiting the city, almost 14% of the total number.

Even if the UK would leave the European Union, the tourism office seem to be confident that tourism in Malaga will not be affected. “I think people from the UK are going to continue coming to Malaga,” says the office manager. “I think [the vote] doesn’t matter.”

In fact, despite the referendum getting closer, data from the Centro de Investigaciones Estatregicas y Desarollo Economico y Social Foundation (CIEDES) in Malaga, since the beginning of the 2016, the number of British tourists has actually increased – to 17.4% of the total number of visitors to the city in April.

Yuexin Wang & Vasile Badiou



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