MALAGA: Mixed concerns over potential Brexit on the continent

On continental Europe, the outcome of the EU referendum in Britain may not be as worrisome as in the UK itself.

Where some Brits are all for voting yes to a European exit, many business owners in tourist hotspots such as Malaga aren’t worried at all about the decision.

Italian bar owners Fred Mrad and Alice Lucchetta, who run the bar Puerto Limon in Benalmádena aren’t worried about the referendum outcome in terms of the flow of British tourists to the resort.

“Although 95 percent of our clients are from UK, we don’t think businesses here will be affected,” said Mrad. “Holidaymakers will still come because it’s a big city like London.”

 A 74-year-old Welsh holidaymaker to Malaga who preferred to remain anonymous, envisions a rocky road, but one which can be overcome.

“There is a fear factor here, it maybe a rough couple of years,” he said. “It depends how many people vote – young people don’t care about the world, and that is crucial to the outcome.”

Listen to the original audio of our interviewee here.

Georgina Elliott & Jemma Cullum

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