Malaga’s magical Botanical Garden

Based in Malaga, Spain is a twenty-three hectare botanical garden dating to 1855, with tropical and subtropical flora from five different continents. The garden boasts an abundance of exotic plants and flowers and natural surroundings.

The Botanical Gardens is situated 5km from Malaga’s city centre, the remarkable tropical forest has fourty-nine hectares of land, of which, and twenty-three are open to public. The Jardines de la Concepcion has one of the greatest and widespread palm collections in the world.

There are over five-hundred palm trees throughout the garden but the most unique and commonly shown more interest towards are two of the highlights which are the Chilean palms, which only one is found in Spain and a specific palm tree from Mexico that is over a hundred years old and recognised for its intensely striking blue hues.

The Botanical Garden is considered as a historical-artistic garden, an asset to cultural interests. Many tourists have visited Jardín Botánico and have commented on the ‘blossoming tropical and Asian flowers that bloom in the season of May.’ The gardens have many unique aspects, which regularly attract tourists and the residing public, to visit more than once because of the wondrous beauty and it’s natural surrounding.

A Scotsman who visits Malaga yearly stated how ‘the gardens have an acre of black bamboo and it’s the most surreal yet and how it’s the most aesthetically pleasing nature he has ever discovered.’ Although the botanical garden has the majority saying positives and captivating things about it, the one criticism some tourists have, is the map guide of the gardens. The map is only a diagram of the garden and doesn’t give a clear outline of where certain acres of land are located.

Overall, I would recommend visiting Jardín Botánico-Histórico La Concepción. It truly is a magical place and where all the beauty and nature is admired.

Aneesah Iqbal

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