Mallorca – The Perfect Holiday Destination?


Mallorca is a destination that can appeal to all but in particular for young people, as the island offers an active nightlife, relaxing coasts and entertaining attractions. For me, it was the best choice I made in my whole travel experience. If you are a history, nature and sea lover, then you are going to love it as well!

Mallorca is the largest of Balearic Islands. It lies in the Mediterranean Sea of the south east coast of mainland Spain. The beauty of Mallorca, left me mesmerized, it was unbelievably odd and surprising to see the crystal clear green and not blue water!

The flight from the UK to Mallorca only takes two hours and tickets are surprisingly cheap! If you choose, for instance, the Ryanair Flights Company, you can travel from London Stansted to Mallorca for ~30 pounds! If you buy your tickets in advance, you can spend as little as 10 pounds.

Isn’t it affordable? You don’t have to pile up the savings in order to treat yourself. This cheap and cheerful holiday destinations won’t break the bank account.

Alternatively, you can choose a holiday agency and book a last minute trip. That’s what I’ve done and I saved over half the price choosing it. Trust me, if your work/studies are flexible, you can save a fortune.


It’s not a surprise why Mallorca is one of the most popular destinations since the onset of mass tourism in the 1960s. It offers a perfect combination for a cost effective holiday whilst giving you the experience of a lifetime.

Talking about the quality, Mallorca is unique of its spectacular views.

Once you get off the plane, you are met with the beauty of the islands nature. And the royal blue cloudless sky which setts the mood for your whole holiday.

Here there is no need to worry about the weather – on the contrary to England, weather in Mallorca is fantastic – no rain, warm sun and ~+20 during the winter! Trust me– no rain and no heavy coats, just you, the sun and the sea!


Mallorca’s capital – Palma de Mallorca – is being called the ‘pearl of the Mediterranean’. It’s the cultural center of Mallorca. It’s definitely the most beautiful city, which I have visited so far. You can spend a few days here, exploring its history by sightseeing. However, the best option to get a quick overview of the city is to take a bus tour!

Palma offers a Palma City Sightseeing open-top bus, which gives you a great overview of Mallorca’s capital without too much footwork on your part. The tickets (children and seniors, half-price) are valid 24 hours and include multilingual-recorded commentary. Hop on and off the bus at any of the 16 stops along the route.

I found it incredibly useful as I was traveling by myself with friends and we did not have any guide, who could tell us the cities stories and secrets. Hence, the bus tour did its’ job very well.

However, if you are more of an active “history person”, you can easily explore the narrow streets by foot. I found it incredibly marvelous, climbing to the hilltop through the little pavement with antique mosaics on its sides and exploring the spectacular 14th century Bellver Castle.

The castles beauty cannot be characterized by words. You must see it in order to feel its greatness. As quickly as I reached the castle, I could not help but stare at the thick walls of the castle, the beautiful towers on its’ sides and enormous columns inside.

After visiting the castle, you can return to the center and take a look at Es Baluard Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art. The museum collection is comprised of paintwork, sculptures, ceramics and drawings from names such as Cézanne, Gauguin, Picasso, Miró, Magritte or Giacometti. It feels like being in a dream when looking at the drawings, which moves you back in time.

However, this is not all what Palma has to offer. What is the most interesting thing is the Palma Cathedral, more commonly referred to as La Seu.


You can walk in and around it, sit and contemplate its immensity and take a trip back looking at all its history. The Gothic style Roman Catholic Cathedral is a food for your eyes.

You can notice the royal carriage nearby the Cathedral and see the street musicians on its sides. All of this creates the atmosphere and you don’t want to travel anywhere else. I found myself sitting on the Cathedral bench for hours without any worries about anything. The atmosphere creates a perfect time for you.

For those of you who love to shop, Palma offers some luxury top brand stores and boutiques, such as Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss store, Italian brand Twin-Set, British luxury leather company Mulberry, Watches of Switzerland and lots more.

If however, you are trying to avoid the shopping rush, take yourself to the beach for the day.

Mallorca offers a beautiful coastline all around the island. In the north it’s more mountainous and in the south – more plain.

For those, who love more quite beaches (as I do!), I would definitely recommend choosing the Magaluf beach resort.

Magaluf is a part of the municipality of Calvià. More importantly, it’s located within a group of towns, which includes Palma Nova and Torrenova, so you can easily access the public transport (no need for taxis, I only paid 3 euros for a bus to Mallorca Capital from Magaluf!) and travel to other cities.

If you want to treat yourself, you can rest in the Prince William Pub, which offers amazing live music nights, karaoke and the best Malibu Cocktails in the city! I tasted it and I can ensure you – you will never find more appetizing cocktail in the whole universe!

Nevertheless, if you are more of an “adventure person”, you can go straight to the Katmandu Park, which is voted as “The Best Amusement Park in the Balearic Islands and Nr.2 in Spain”, according to Trip Advisor.

It offers unexpected adventures, exciting rides and 4D encounters! It’s definitely the best choice for an active person. It took me three hours to walk around it and experience all its beauty and then I treated myself in the pool, where I felt as swimming in the real jungle! All those sculptures and extraordinary upside-down world makes you feel uplifted!

Don’t bother surfing the net looking for the best holiday destination around, just experience Mallorca and your wallet will be as happy as you will.


Berta Balsyte


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