Meet Jae, The Poet Who Knows How To Keep It Real

The rising 24-year-old poet struggles to pave her way into the industry because of universal ideologies and stereotypes.



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It???s 2017 and black women are still oppressed in the work place and on social media by society. I was able to catch up with Jae, the 24-year-old poet who speaks on real life issues young people, like herself, face daily in a mind captivating rhythm.



This month women have come together all over the globe, to celebrate and discuss women???s right and black women in society. The For Women Of Colour charity held a discussion panel and networking event for young black women in the UK to discuss the issues we have or may face because of our race and gender. Special guest Jae, performed some of her favourite pieces of poetry about her sister, university life and her race titled Melanin. She shared many of her life changing experiences within the discussion that subsequently changed her perspective of living.

Alexis Carrington

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