Meeting a rock’n’roll vocalist in Coventry


By Christine Ong


The band Recovered started off as a hobby for friends who shared the same passion and dream to become rockstars one day.

Vocalist, guitar player and pianist Ian Gough, from Birmingham, formed the band in 2006 as a trio of bass, acoustic guitar and congas.

It then grew from there and became a full electric band after a few years.

In 2009, they were professionals playing in some of the most recognised venues in England, including 02 Academy Birmingham, the NIA and the Cabin Club in Liverpool  – their biggest crowd, of three thousand people. They also toured from Liverpool to Milton Keynes, London and Northampton.

I arrived for my interview with founder and lead singer Ian Gough an hour before their set in Coventry, and met him as he walked towards the bar for a pint.

My first impression of him was that he was very confident and chilled out, but also very professional. But I was also overwhelmed by how much of a typical rock-guy rebel he looked. His hair was bleached-blonde and he was wearing black leather jacket, black jeans and had that iconic “scruffy-musician” look. I had this vision of him being a passionate, lonely and angry musician who writes sad, broken-hearted songs.

And you know what? That’s exactly what he is.

He told me his best song, lyrically, was an acoustic number, Goodbye Charlie. He was paid by 02 Academy to perform it. In his exact words, the song is “metaphorical of leaving somebody and leaving drugs… the person is the drug”.

I didn’t quite understand these words at first. They were a little too rock’n’roll’ for me but I thought, okay, I get the picture: it’s a break-up song.

It’s all very complicated but if it helps, Ian describes his music as “conveying Bohemian image and free spirited”. I also asked him what made the band stand out. 

“Me,” he said. “I love the sound of my own voice. We’ve got good musicians of every type. We’re professional.

“We were rocky before, but now we play a bit of everything to suit the venue. We have to do stuff that people know.”

The rest of the conversation flowed very easily and entertained me in fact as he shared a crazy-fan story at his 02 Academy gig where he said “a girl almost busted my ear drum, she would not leave me alone”.

Ian Gough likes to see himself as the rock rebel. “Question the system, question life – that’s what I’m aiming for.” But then I asked him what his ultimate direction was. “I’m looking to get into the corporate zone – do touring on cruise ships.”

Then the rest of the band turned up and put on an amazing Saturday night show, covering some of my favourites including Oasis, Kings of Leon, Beatles and Blur.




Sub edited by Simon Pipe


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