Mega Beaver Moon on November 14th


On Monday November 14th the moon will reach the peak of its full phase, resulting in the biggest and brightest supermoon since 1948. At an estimated 221,524 miles away, this will be the closest that the moon has been to the Earth for 68 years, and the closest it’s predicted to be until 2034, according to NASA.

A supermoon is a full or new moon comes about because of the oval shape of the moons orbit around the Earth, meaning that at some points its closer to our planet. Supermoons have been thought to increase the risk of natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, due to the effect of the moon on both crustal and oceanic tides.

The moon, coined the Mega Beaver Moon, will appear to be full to the naked eye both the day before and the day after it reaches its peak on Monday, but will actually be at it’s fullest at 13:52 GMT on Monday.

This will be the second of three consecutive supermoons this year, with the third coming up in December.


Zoe Owen


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