Miss Birmingham hopes to inspire others by opening up about low self-esteem

Niamh Conway being crowned Miss Birmingham 2017

At school I was quite shy, nervous and I suffered from quite low self-esteem when I was younger so I wanted to keep breaking out of my comfort zone.

Niamh Conway who was crowned Miss Birmingham at a star-studded event in May hopes to use her platform to help and inspire others who suffer from low self-esteem.

In an exclusive interview with iCov, the Sutton Coldfield local and Staffordshire University graduate spoke of how she overcame her adversities, how she is helping others and her plans for a career in broadcasting.

Niamh entered The Miss Birmingham competition for the first time in 2015 after she saw the event advertised on Facebook. After checking the requirements and making double sure there wasn’t a swimwear round she signed up for the competition as a way of making a conscious effort to break out of her comfort zone.

“I didn’t win that year but it was a lot of fun & I knew I’d come back and try again & I did come back this year which turned out to be a really good idea!  At school I was quite shy, nervous and I suffered from quite low self-esteem when I was younger so I wanted to keep breaking out of my comfort zone. ”

How was the event, what was the set-up & were you nervous?

“Well, I kind of knew what to expect as I did it in 2015 but yes I was still really nervous I just wanted to go out & enjoy myself really.  I didn’t think I’d win and I think that was the right attitude to have as I just enjoyed it more and wasn’t stressing out.

It was a load of fun, but there was quite a lot of preparation in the build-up to it you have to raise money for the chosen charity, there is a grueling sport round to determine the fittest person.

You have to create an outfit out of recycled materials and then wear it on stage, there’s a lot of hard work that goes into it. It’s not just about walking down a catwalk in a pretty dress there’s a lot more involved! ”

Niamh after winning Miss Birmingham 2017/18


What was the chosen charity for the event?

The charity was Beauty with a Purpose and it helps disadvantaged children all over the world but the money we raised went to disadvantaged children in England.

Last night I was at an event, ‘The Curry King of Birmingham’, while I was there people came up to me who had been given some of the money from the organisation.

Collectively the Miss England organisation raised £31,000, they showed me the wheelchair that our fundraising helped to pay for and when you see that it makes it all worthwhile!

Is partaking in charity events and helping others the most fulfilling part of the role of Miss Birmingham?

“It’s really good when you see the money that we have all raised and what it goes towards.  As I said before suffering from low self-esteem & confidence issues when I was younger before I won the title I said that that is something I wanted to help young people with.

The most rewarding thing for me so far has been going back to my old school and I’ve been invited back four more times and talk to different years about low self-esteem issues.”

Being crowned Miss Birmingham has opened up numerous opportunities for you, which has been your favourite so far?

“Definitely going to my old school and being someone for young people to look up to, I hate to say that because it sounds so weird!

I could have done with someone who had suffered from low self-esteem and Is now in my position, you know stepped out of their conform zone.

My main goal is to be a television presenter and so this is another step in that direction so hopefully, this will help in the long run of my career. ”


Niamh was awarded Miss Publicity at The Miss England competition

You have a Broadcast Journalism degree from Staffordshire University is the goal to be a broadcaster?

Since I was in sixth form I knew what I wanted to do, I know it’s such a hard industry to get into and I wish there was something else I’d love to do but I really want to be a television presenter and a journalist.
I’m hoping one day eventually I’ll get there!

I’ve had work experience at ITV central, I’ve worked for an online fashion company and I was their main presenter so I went around interviewing fashion industry people around Birmingham.
I have my own youtube channel, even if it’s for myself just to keep talking and presenting just trying bits and bobs.

Plans going forward?

“I have the Miss Birmingham title until March & I won the Miss Publicity at the Miss England finals so I was the best at media and promotions.

Which has given me the opportunity of a trip to Sri Lanka with the Miss England Team and that will be in May of next year, we are going to go over and explore the culture & participate in charity work while we are over there.

I gave up my full-time job to do Miss Birmingham so I wanted to get everything out of it as I could and hopefully it will pay off and I’ll become a TV presenter that’s the main goal .”


David Aston

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  1. Tim Elliott

    Well done Niamh in your crowning and with all the work you’ve got involved in. Very commendable and you’re looking beautiful !

    David, a very well written and open article. You captured an important message, sensitivity and professionalism in your approach. Use of relevant questions and a rapport with Niamh (evident from your writing) led to a great piece. Keep it up ! 🙂


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