MODA: Fashion takes centre stage at Fargo Village

The City of Coventry was treated to a student live exhibition Wednesday evening at Fargo Village.

A team of Coventry University students presented a set of fashion photography, as well as a catwalk show as the name of MODA showcase. The show was an opportunity for designers and artists to platform their work in front of a packed out audience.

It was almost a scene of beautifully crafted flair as you walked into a space full of imagery, filled with glittering art designs, which could capture your imagination in seconds. Photography from the likes of Chris Greco, Lily Sadin, Bethany Crisp, Amifel Cliff-Eribo and more, set the tone for the evening as we waited for the Catwalk show to commence.

With a glass of wine greeting you as enter the space; it set the tone for a positive atmosphere throughout the night. It was also not a surprise to see different types of audiences present at Fargo Village, from the likes of fashion critics to everyday fashion lovers. It showed the diversity of the event, as it wasn’t just students at the university who came to witness the show.

As the designs (who were also modelled by students of Coventry University) took to the runway, we were shown pieces of the urban, futuristic but glamorous creations, made by young designers such as Jacque Richards, Akeem Adams, Simone Cappella and more. We were given a mixture of summer and winter collections, which gave the admiring audience an insight on how to strap up for the current season, and how to flaunt it in the next.

In an interview during the display, fashion designer Jacque Richards described her exquisite designs as feminine and sophisticated. She also stated that she was inspired by her country of origin, Brazil, which is quite visible in her pieces of work, as the audience were struck with beautiful, multi-coloured shapes and cuts in her designs, which undeniably caught the attention of everybody in the room.

However, it wasn’t just designers and photographers who stole the show that night; models were also given a round of applause for the way they exhibited the main attraction. Lamar Richards, who was part of the catwalk team, described the experience as the best show he’s modelled in a while and confirmed that there was more to come in the future from the brand.

It’s fair to suggest that the exhibition had taken fashion at Coventry University on to new a level. Due to the success of the designs and photography that had been showcased, it’s no surprise that the publicity that was generated was all positive, and can only be a bonus for future endeavours by Coventry University talents.

Kevin Boateng

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