Morocco: 5 reasons to visit

If you’re a student looking for a cheap getaway, then look no further than Morocco.Known for its food, culture and outdoor activities Morocco is a great place for any student to visit. Here are five reasons to convince you:

  1. It’s incredibly cheap

The currency used there is Dirhams and £1= 14 Dirhams. An average meal will cost you about 12 Dirhams. That’s just 80p for a meal! Not only is food cheap, travel and shopping is very affordable as well. Located near the sea, seafood is always fresh and very tasty. The preferred mode of transport is by taxi and is a very reasonable way to travel around a city.

  1. Camels

Yes Camels! Hundreds of tourists every year are attracted to Morocco because of the camel rides that people can take in the desert. Many cities located near the desert offer trips to spend the night under the stars in the desert and travelling there on the back of a camel.

  1. Photo tkane by Raisa Ismail

    Photo by Raisa Ismail


Morocco is famous for its leather products made from local materials. From bags to leather cushions, belts, shoes and jackets leather products are much cheaper than anywhere else in Europe and the quality of the products is very good.

  1. The Old Cities (Medina)

Morocco is most famous for their old cities, or medinas, as they are known in the country. A medina is a separate part of the main city that is narrow-walled and has maze-like streets.

Of particular interest, the medina of Fez is a world UNESCO Heritage site and is the oldest medina in the world to be inhabited by people.

The best places to visit in the Medina of Fez are the tannery, the gates to the city (there are 12 but Bab Boujloud is the most famous), Karaouiyne Mosque, and the street Tala Kabira that has many shops to look through.

  1. Most places are open late

The normal problem we all come across when going abroad is finding places to sit in late at night. Morocco has very unique shop times, especially in the medinas (old cities). As all the shops in the medina are locally owned and run many owners open late (usually around 11am) and close quite late (around 9-11pm depending on the shop). Cafes and eating-places usually stay open till 12am or 1am, which is great if you want to hang out with friends all night after a long day of tourist activities.

Morocco has a lot to offer if you are an adventure-seeking person and there is no doubt that you will fall in love with the people and the place before you know it!

P.S Try the Moroccan mint tea that is a local tradition there.

Raisa Ismail

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