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No matter how big or small, your footprint still plays a huge role in the stability of our environment. And in Coventry, a city holding a capacity of over 25,000 students, there are some impressive things you just have to know!

The university has shown a devoted commitment to developing sustainability goals and this hasn’t gone unnoticed. Did you know that in 2015 it received a first class status in the People and Planet Green League, or that for our green spaces, we were presented with a Green Flag Award? These are just two of the various achievements acknowledged at the university.

The cities remarkable work doesn’t stop there. By branching out from students to its local community, from the comfort of your phone you can use a cool new app called ‘Your Rubbish’. This newly devised piece of techno has been hatched up to help you keep track of your bin collections and offer some much-needed guidance. It was launched in early 2016 connecting young people and the wider community with a new innovative way to stay on top of your mounting rubbish. From cancellation alerts, top tips or simply breaking down the basics, by letting you know what waste goes where, this unique idea has helped us in Coventry stand out from the crowd in our aim to recycle and reduce waste.

Although Coventry as a whole has made great progress to date, there is still more that you as an individual can do to make a difference. You may not recognise that small lifestyle adjustments or even changes around the home may go far, but with the capacity of students alone studying in Coventry, if we all played or part we could see outstanding results.

Instead of using appliances that take up vast amounts of energy, why not change your routine by washing the dishes by hand or hanging your clothes outside instead of using the dryer. Or even your means of getting around, everything on campus is pretty close by, but if you’re having a lazy day before you book that taxi think green and try a bike ride instead.

This academic year let your green footprint be the driving force to make a change for a cleaner, greener city.


Monifa Bobb-Simon


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