New GP Surgery For Leamington Road Approved Despite Concerns

Joseph Scotting

Despite concerns raised by residents, Leamington Road, Earlsdon will be getting a new doctor’s surgery in 2017. The request put forward to the City Council’s planning committee will see an existing residential home converted to a doctor’s surgery, including extensions and a carpark. The council deemed the request ‘satisfactory’ and passed it. When constructed the surgery will operate 8:30 am to 6:30 pm Monday to Friday.

David Knight, a supporter of the GP, said that the nearest surgery at Park Row is unsatisfactory for the high number of old aged patients. A second GP would make it more accessible for locals who have to drive or take a bus to see a doctor. Another speaker in support of the surgery being constructed said “it was fantastic news for locals. A lot of elderly have complained about the distance they have to walk to their GP. It will be more accessible.”

The construction however has had over 37 objections, claiming that another doctor’s surgery in a residential area could create numerous problems, most notably in terms of road safety. Speakers, including Councillor Taylor, questioned whether the carpark would adhere to highway safety, raised environmental concerns, and asked where medical waste would be stored. While it was deemed satisfactory by the appropriate authorities, there was no information given as to where needles will be left after use.

“We all feel that it’s just in the wrong place,” said Councillor Taylor. One attendee of the meeting said he wasn’t “happy at all. Leamington in the last twelve months has had two major accidents, one of which closed the entire road. I live on Leamington road, and have to travel a mile to my GP. I don’t mind that in the interest of safety.”

Leamington Road Doctor’s Surgery is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

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