New HS2 rail line plans will benefit Coventry

By Jessica Charles and Daniel Burton

An artist’s impression of part of the HS2 high speed rail scheme. Photo: HS2/PA

New plans for Hs2, will hopefully make travelling much more convenient for rail users in Coventry and visitors to Coventry.

A new line will be put in, that will mean a great improvement to services to Coventry. There will be a greater chance for passengers to get a seat whilst commuting from Coventry to Birmingham or London, and they will be able to get a direct train.

Councilors opposed the HS2 plans when they were first released last year, but they withdrew their opposition and began discussing the best deal they can get for Coventry.

Councillor Hazel Noonan said that the main priority was to make sure a reliable service is still in place and that the new developments do benefit the people of Coventry, providing good links between Coventry and the new international station, and jobs for people in Coventry during the construction. She said it was important that the three trains to London per hour that go from Coventry now, are still in place.

In the last 12 months the number of people using Coventry station has increased, and is now higher than many other stations around the country. The HS2 developments should also help Coventry’s business and tourism industries.

Hazel said that HS2 will provide a stronger link to the continent.

“This will benefit the whole of the country, it will give people the opportunity to get on a train to Birmingham international and go straight to Paris.”

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