New project to get Tile Hill on the Move

By Zain Luke Ali and James Stride

A new project has been unveiled to encourage people in Tile Hill to be more active and get more exercise.

‘Tile Hill on the move’ is one of two pilot sites in the city for the new project ‘Coventry on the move’.

Woodlands ward Councillor, Steven Thomas tells us more… The project is still a very new idea but a lot of progress is already happening.

The idea for ’Tile Hill on the move’ is that any exercise or activity is good for you, and the campaign will be encouraging people to make an effort to get even small amounts of exercise.

As well as sports, ideas include walking instead of driving, gardening, taking the stairs instead of the lift or escalator and maybe even getting off the bus a few stops earlier than necessary.

Councillor Steven Thomas hopes that the project will have a very positive affect on the community.

For more information on Coventry on the move visit and follow the project on twitter: @covonthemove

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