New year, New Radford?

By Ludaina Hussein and Anamaria Chichernea

The New Year brings new prospects; a clean slate where you can right your wrongs and work on becoming better. We wanted to know what changes or improvements the people of Radford wanted to see within their local area for 2014.

Walking down Radford Road all the way to the Jubilee crescent, people of all ages stopped to talk to us about what they thought of Radford and what they would like to see Radford become.  Concluding from the majority of the comments made by people aged 14-23, their concerns were that Radford didn’t offer enough activities for young people, for the younger people in this age group, they felt like they ‘need something for the youth to do in Radford, because in Radford there’s a lot of robberies, and obviously drugs fly around’ and these issues wouldn’t be as bad if the councilors ‘invest in the community more and invest in the young people’.

They would like to see a youth center where they can take part in activities and meet new people or even have something to do with their friends when they’re not in school.

Whereas the older people of Radford wanted to see better bus services and more parking, ‘the parking around here is terrible, customers panic about parking so we are loosing business’ says a shop owner on Radford road. Parking is an ongoing issue in Radford, especially in the Jubilee crescent, which is an important and thriving shopping complex in Radford.

We sat down with councilor Keiran Mulhall and Mal Mutton to talk about some of the issues raised by the public.

Councilor Mal Mutton stated that she was ‘very sympathetic’ with the parking and bus service issue because they have been ongoing problems in jubilee crescent and this problem is often brought up in the ward forum.

Changes have been made on how the parking operates in Jubilee Crescent to try and improve the lack of parking spaces. Although other problems, such as the inadequate bus service is proving harder to tackle as Councilor Mutton stresses the bus service in Coventry is ‘a national issue’ and Coventry is amongst the worst in the Midlands when it comes to the standard of bus service.

Regarding the rise in the number of businesses closing, Councilor Mulhall also said: ‘We’d have to sympathize with shop owners who see their businesses diminishing’ but claims that the ‘government has cut us to shreds’ and that spending habits have changed because people simply don’t have the money to spend.

The Councilors stress the importance for people to attend ward forums and express their opinions to insure that anything that needs to be paid attention to is voiced and dealt with.  Whilst assuring us every point raised is being dealt with, they can’t avoid the financial strain they are up against.

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