by Vincenzo Ferrara

The two best NFL teams of the 2013 season came head to head in what was the most eagerly anticipated, most watched sporting events on the planet.

Last night East Rutherford, New Jersey played host to two great titans. The Denver Broncos, a team that this season set the record for all time highest point scoring and the Seattle Seahawks who are arguably the greatest defensive team in recent years.

Seattle Seahawks Superbowl

Seattle Seahawks Superbowl

However, Denver’s record breaking attacking force seemed to struggle in what became a 43-8 blow out.  It seemed almost unfair that the game had to be played past the half time show.

Peyton Manning, the Denver Quarter-back, had moved to the club pre-season with the ambition to take the team to win the championship, He proved he was serious after a record breaking 55 Touchdown passes through the regular season.  Though last night the pressure proved too much for Manning, only completing one Touchdown pass too late in the game to matter.  In a year of many records, no-one will feel more uncomfortable than Manning, being the first quarterback in Super Bowl history to manage to complete 33 passes in a super bowl final.

Seattle had a much more rewarding night of accomplishments. They won the championship for the first time in the franchise history. Quarterback Russell Wilson had a flawless game, completing 18 (of 25) passes for 206yards and two Touchdowns. This is only his second season in the NFL, and hopefully we will see more from Wilson in the championship finals in years to come.

The stars of the game came clearly in the form of the Seattle defence. This season they have managed to out play every team in the league. The line has been boasting about how good they are, but is it really boasting when they can prove it and continue to prove it?

Linebacker Malcolm Smith received the games Most Valuable Player award, deservedly so, after returning a Manning pass for a Touchdown and recovering another. However, it was all of the Seattle defensive line that played on top form at such a momentous occasion. They were destroying the historic Denver passing game, making them look like children in a game of men, with a brutally one-sided first half.

Peyton Manning, Hall of Fame and Denver Bronco Superbowl Quarterback

Peyton Manning, Hall of Fame and Denver Bronco Superbowl Quarterback

The game began in spectacular fashion, with Seattle managing to get the quickest points in Super bowl history, without even having to touch the ball.  After receiving the kick-off, a miscommunication between Ramirez and Manning caused the snap to fly over the quarterbacks head, hurtling to the back of the end zone. This caused Denver to cover the ball for a safety in order to limit the loss of points from a possible seven to a mildly harmless two points. It was the fastest score in history clocking in at just twelve seconds into the game.

The game’s pace was set from then on. Denver struggled to gain many first downs without wasting the ball or being tackled for soft fumbles, giving Seattle the ball possession.  Seattle’s Smith managed to return a 69-yard touchdown from a misplaced Manning pass.  By the time we reached the half time score 22-0 to Seattle, there seemed to be no hope left for the Denver team.

In the second half both teams headed out, Denver knowing the score wasn’t going to ruin their game; in the 2012 season championship, the winning team Baltimore Ravens were down 24-0 at half. This year was Manning’s time to shine, hoping to follow in the footsteps of Tom Brady, Ravens quarterback, who went on to win the game and MVP of the 2012 season.

Those dreams fell very flat, very quickly due to Seattle returning the kick off for a whopping 87-yard touchdown.

Vince Lombardi Trophy, awarded to the winner of the Superbowl

Vince Lombardi Trophy, awarded to the winner of the Superbowl

The game didn’t change from that point onwards, the second half mirroring the first. It seemed that Seattle would be the first team in history to win the Super bowl without their opponents managing a single point. This dream was crushed with the last play in the third with Denver getting their only points of the game, Manning sending a 13-yard touchdown pass to Thomas which was followed by a two point conversion.

Going into the forth quarter saw the Seahawks wasting time on the clock, with a final touchdown, Wilson passing an easy 10yard touchdown pass to Baldwin. This wrapped up the game, Seattle winning 43-8.

Denver’s record-breaking offence didn’t show up, whilst the Seattle defence were determined more than ever to get the win.

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