NHS Employees Pay to Go to Work


Employees at University Hospital Coventry have to pay to park to go to work. The car park the employees use is operated by a private company as part of the PFI contract.

Each day costs the average worker £9.60 to park in the private car park, and with a massive shortage on the parking permits that are supposed to be available to workers, these charges are unavoidable for most.

With a current petition on Change.org to stop car parking fees to hospitals all over the UK, I took this time to go and speak to some of the workers that are currently effected by this outrageous fees.

When I asked what the potential knock on effects could be to workers having to pay these parking charges, , one staff nurse explained “the stress can have a big effect, I mean you have to struggle to find money for your parking then you have to struggle to find a space as the car park is still completely over crowded, by the time I start my shift I am already worked up and stressed out, which can have a repeat effect on the rest of my shift”

Some employees expressed how it feels to work for ‘a company’ who  is underfunded to the extent the NHS isunder appreciates their workers. Band 5 staff nurse Marie said “sometimes you just feel neglected, like your work and effort is completely un-appreciated, at the end of the day a hospital in this day and age is just another business, but any good business has to show all their employees their worth, they don’t here, it feels more like you replaceable”

With these sorts of issues to deal with, is it any surprise there is a shortage at the moment in UK of people choosing to go into health care public sector work?. More and more nurses, doctors and health care assistants who are already qualified are moving into the private sector, with some private sector ward jobs including a monthly pay increment to cover costs of parking for work. I spoke to a private sector staff nurse Jaclyn working at University Hospital Coventry, she explained “when you work privately, your contract actually includes extra money Monthly to cover the parking charges, at least mine does”.

Is it fair that our NHS workers’ pay almost £50 a month just to park to go to work which could be increased at any time, while the private sector employees get the charges covered for? Iis this just one more thing that is killing our NHS, while helping private companies to thrive?

If you would like to show your support in banning all charges to employees at hospitals, please check the petition link below.


Matthew James Reilly


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