Nightmares and Nibbles Event Set to Bring Immersive Theatre to Coventry for the First Time


Vortex Creates is a Coventry company founded by Marianne Tavinar and Nicola Richardson, which aims to challenge their audience’s visuals and taste in their Nightmares and Nibbles Halloween event.

(Picture cred: Vortex Creates)

The event, Nightmares and Nibbles, will be held at Coventry’s medieval Old Grammar School on Friday 27, Saturday 28 and Tuesday 31 October.

“The main aim of the show is to help the audience feel as if they are part of the action as well as part of the audience” explains Marianne.

Vortex Creates are working in partnership with the Herbert to push the boundaries about what museums have to offer. It is an opportunity for the guests to step inside Frankenstein’s laboratory in a medieval hospital site. There will be a lab and a clinic that will explore the properties of the human body and soul. There will be miracle cures made out of different foods and drinks for anyone who dares to try them. All food will be suitable for vegans and the bar will be open before each performance.

Bringing immersive theatre to Coventry hasn’t been done before, “we have been doing a lot of research and development and we have decided that Coventry could do with a show like Nightmares and Nibbles as it hasn’t been done before” says Marianne.

This is the only event in this year’s calendar where you can experience being part of the story, however small your role may be, Vortex Creates have created this concept to engage their audience in the act presented to them on stage. Immersive theatre is spreading all over the UK, there are many companies out there who are now trying to  put their audience in the center of their performance, giving them the ultimate experience.

The concept of immersive theatre has been around for some time but mainly in big cities such as London. London theatres often put on shows or change classic shows so that they fall under the category of ‘interactive’ or ‘immersive’ such as ‘The Great Gatsby’ or ‘Dracula’.

Smaller production companies are trying out similar things. Fruit of the Apocalypse is a collaborative company based in London, that focus on providing an audio-kinetic experience for their audiences. “Audio-kinetic its just another way of talking about any new form of music or sound within movement and dance of any kind” says Helen Scarlett O’Neill from Fruit of the Apocalypse.

“Through audio- kinetic experiences we try to explore new collaborations within dance and music” says Harry Ross who also works for Fruit of the Apocalypse.

“We like to get non professionals involved as well and have audience members get involved as well where it is appropriate” says Helen. Although the type of performance is different as the focus is more on dance and music, whereas Nightmares and Nibbles focus on visuals and taste, both companies have the same priorities when it comes to delivering the best possible experience for their audiences.

Vortex Creates are the first company to come to Coventry and try immersive theatre and they are determined to deliver.

“There will be a buffet and cocktail experience not for the faint-hearted, which have been conjured into life by Ellie McCann, owner of Miss Ellie’s Homemade, a Coventry based artisan food producer” explains Vortex Creates, “Miss Ellie’s specialises in creating bespoke occasion cakes and tailoring catering to precise specifications”

Special touches such as the snacks during the event are all contrived together to help the audience get the best experience and come away from the event feeling like they have been a part of the show themselves. Interactivity was key when Marianne and Nicola were developing this idea.

“We hope that shows like ours will help Coventry develop and hopefully put the city on the map for such events”.

The event is for over 18’s only due to the presence of alcohol during the event but also because Marianne feels that there is a gap in events for adults in the city.

“We think there is not enough adult experiences in Coventry, there are a lot of family run events around the city, and things to do for younger children but nothing to target adults” says Marianne.

(Video cred: vortex creates)

Tickets for Nightmares and Nibbles (18+) are £25 including half a bottle of wine and can be booked online at

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