No More Parties In LA, apparently

Kanye West started the buzz around a new track when he tweeted a teaser of No More Parties in LA featuring Kendrick Lamar on 8th January. Ten days later he dropped the full track and the Internet reacted quickly – overall, it was a positive response.

kanye600Many people have commented on the track saying it’s a throwback to the music Yeezus, as he’s self-Christned, used to make. There is some truth to that, as the flow is reminiscent of The College Dropout album released in 2004. The track isn’t on iTunes or Spotify yet, but is on Kanye’s official SoundCloud (you can listen below).

It’s fair to say that getting Lamar on this track was a great career move by Kanye. Kendrick Lamar is one of the hottest rappers at the moment and he won four BET Awards in the last three years and was nominated for two AMAs. Both of Kendrick’s last two albums have been heavily praised, being nominated for awards such as the BET awards Album of the Year.

It’s fair to say No More Parties in LA is going to be a big track in 2016 – it will interesting to see how it holds up throughout the year. Hopefully these two hip-hop giants will treat us to another collaboration soon.

Luke Ambrose
Sub-edited by Jessica Allen

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