Nuneaton’s 99p store set to become another Poundland

99p stores across the country are set to be closing down including the Nuneaton store. The store will be replaced with another Poundland in which the town already has two of.

The well-known 99p stores will be closing down as Poundland have bought the company for £55 million. Both retailers sell general products such as home-ware, cleansing products and food. There are around 250 99p stores across the country that will now be closed down or converted into Poundlands. The stores will apparently be closing down to reduce competition between the two, however Poundland will still be competitive with stores such as Home bargains and B&M. The transition of the 99p stores will create 800 Poundland stores in the UK, including the ones that already exist.

After Nuneaton’s recent events of numerous stores closing down, the 99p store workers feared they would lose their jobs. Luckily the Nuneaton store will be converted into a Poundland instead of creating another empty store. However this has caused some anger due to the fact that their already two Poundland stores in the Town.

Dilani Nicholas has been assistant manager of Nuneaton’s 99p store since 2014, she said:  “some customers aren’t happy about the 99p store closing as some of our customers only shop here, and not at Poundland. Customers have also been complaining that there is already two Poundland stores here and they think we don’t need another one,”

A worker filling the empty shelves of Nuneaton's 99p store

A worker filling the empty shelves of Nuneaton’s 99p store

“Last year when I heard the store was closing, I was very worried for my job and thought I needed to find a new one. Luckily no-one will lose their job when the new store opens. Although some customers prefer the 99p store, Dilani said Poundland is better because there will be more hours for the staff.”

Unlike Dilani other retail workers prefer the idea of keeping the 99p store and not having another Poundland, like some customers. Bunny Lloyd a retail worker in Nuneaton said: “we don’t need three Poundlands in the town, it is ridiculous.” Mrs Lloyd feels the council are to be blame for shops closing down and the numerous Poundlands in Nuneaton town: “the rates of the buildings need to go down as it isn’t encouraging quality shops to come in, Nuneaton is dying and it is sad saying that as a labour voter.”

Though Nuneaton has numerous shops in the town some locals are complaining that are too many charity shops and Poundlands and not enough high quality shops that will make people want to shop there. This year the ropewalk shopping centre’s store Trespass has been closed down along with the charity shop Acorn. One of Nuneaton town’s biggest stores the Co-op is allegedly closing down in June and it still hasn’t been confirmed if there will be a new store there.

Nuneaton’s 99p store will be closing down on 11th March and will be re-opened as Poundland on the 19th March.

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