Obama: Brilliant Leader or Just the Best of a Bad Bunch?

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With the unfortunate outcome of Donald Trump being elected the next president of the United States, the world has been going crazy for Obama. He has been portrayed as an angel in comparison to his successor, Donald Trump.

Obama has accomplished a fair amount in his time as president. The year 2011 was particularly good to him: it was the year when the world witnessed the war in Iraq come to an end, Obama ordered the last of the U.S. military out of the country and by December 18th 2011, the war no longer existed. We can only imagine how that boosted his support all over America. He become people’s hope and anything was now possible.

That same year, Obama also eliminated Osama Bin Laden by ordering Special Forces to raid a compound in Pakistan where he was hiding. Osama Bin Laden was killed and masses of Al-Qaeda documents were discovered which worked in America’s favour. They were now superior; all thanks to Obama, and the rest of the world could only fear what those documents contained. The president’s good streak wasn’t over yet as in 2011 he also managed to sign further series of measures to extend unemployment insurance and cut pay roll taxes. People loved him and America couldn’t have been happier with their president.

Huge support still continues towards Obama, maybe because of what he did for his people during his time in the White House, but it can’t be solely down to that. The hate expressed towards Donald Trump only exaggerates the love for Obama. It’s a trend that people have fallen into: shower Obama with support and hate on Trump. Even people who aren’t politically inclined have fallen into this routine. Just because Donald Trump isn’t the ideal candidate and doesn’t say what people want to hear doesn’t make Obama great, however, some people beg to differ.

 It is important to remember, regardless of which side you support, that the Obama administration over the years has been married by debt, scandals, foreign policy failures and an overall fragmentation of the United States. Many believe that the U.S. has been plunged into an abyss of economic debt due to Obama’s spending endeavours.

What do you think? Is Obama a brilliant leader or simply the best of a bad bunch in politics?


Aleksandra Ganuszko

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