Only 17% of people in Coventry participate in sports

By Benjamin Craig and Charlotte Dyett

Two years ago this summer, London served as the setting for one of the greatest sporting months of a generation. Various sporting organisation leaders, such as Lord Coe hoped this would spark a sharp increase in sport participation nationwide.

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According to the latest statistics released by Sport England, the sharp increase simply hasn’t happened. Through the past three years the number of people participating in sport once or twice a week is practically the same and although there has been an improvement in the number of people whom take part in sport three times a week, is it really enough to suggest the Olympic Legacy is being fulfilled?

When you look at Coventry, three times a week sports participation is down to 17% and in Lower Stoke, this number is less at only 14% of households participating in physical activity three times a week.

There are fears the decline is only going to continue. A fear that has only been heightened by the council announcing plans to demolish the current sports and leisure centre, which includes an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and build a new one with a smaller pool.


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