Ozi’s disappearance: one year on

Police are renewing their efforts to find missing Coventry student Ozi Akerele, one year after his disappearance.

24-year-old Masters student Ozi was last seen leaving Iglu nightclub on Spon Street, Coventry, with friends in the early hours of the morning on 31 January 2015. The Nigerian national made a call to a friend asking to be picked up close to the university, however when his friend arrived he was already gone.

After he was reported missing, his mother, Irene Akerele, flew to the UK from their family home in Nigeria to help police with the investigation and raise the profile of the case.

CCTV footage was later released showing him on Foleshill Road and it is thought that he made a wrong turn trying to get home. Working on this assumption, the police searched the canal multiple times in between March and May. However, even after bringing in specialist equipment and “drowned victims” search dogs the investigations turned up nothing of note. Earlier this month, the police sent rescue boats into Coventry’s canal system, but said this was “routine”.

In a renewed effort to find the missing student, West Midlands Police have launched another appeal asking for new information. The anniversary appeal details his last known movements again. Despite countless previous appeals to the public, there is still very little information about his whereabouts after leaving the club.

This week Inspector Alastair Orencas, who leads the search for Ozi,said: “In spite of extensive searches, investigation work and media appeals, we are no closer to finding Ozi.

“On the anniversary of his disappearance I am again appealing to anyone who may have any information to come forward.’

Police have previously offered up to £20,000 reward for any information involving Ozi’s disappearance.


Rhiannon Everton
Sub-edited by Jessica Allen

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