Passengers (2017) – Review

As one of the most anticipated films of 2017, Passengers was definitely top of the list for any film fanatic this year. A futuristic film set in the near future where people hope to awaken on a new planet. The only problem here was three of our characters are awake with 90 years to spare.

The trailer sets the premise for a very promising film where we can see innovative idea fruition into a one of a kind film. However as the plot thickens it seems more and more confusing and fails to live up to the standards it set for itself.

The beginning seems hopeful as you wait for the action to unfold. But the whole film is spent waiting for the action, which culminates in the last 45 minutes of the two-hour film. The story itself falls flat, resulting in an anti-climax where you hoped for a more exciting result than what happens.

The stars were set to sell this film. Chris Pratt plays Jim Preston a young mechanical engineer the first to be awoken too early in the ship. Pratt embodies his character and carries the movie well. Aurora Lane played by Jennifer Lawrence was depicting the Journalist set to take any lengths to further her career and create a story out of anything. Lawrence’s acting is more mature in this film and does mirror her emotional situations well.

Both of them together had chemistry and were generally both a great match. However it seemed that the creators decided to get high paying actors and instead couldn’t afford more people to feature in the film.

Pratt and Lawrence were assisted by Arthur an android played by Michael Sheen and Gus an officer aboard the ship played by Laurence Fishborne. They both had supporting parts that pushed the narrative along faster than with just the main two characters.

In all honesty it was an innovative movie set for success but shot itself in the foot. The advancement of the plot seemed like it was to complete the running time rather than to invite you into another world. The sci-fi nature turned into a romance and ended on a note feeling more Anti-climatic. Almost like the writers got bored and decided to pick the most convenient ending.

A disappointing result to a promising beginning.


Hiba Bukhari

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