Paedophilia & Vigilante Justice

Jonathan Haswell, 44 years of age was set to meet up with a 15-year-old teenager. Through explicit text messages between the 2 he encouraged and asked the 15-year-old teen, to reenact porn scenes with him. He was fully aware of her age.

Robert Crombie, 26 years of age was set to meet up with a 14-year-old, he bought condoms in his bag, expecting to have sex with her . Being fully aware of her age; through explicit texts, he begged her for illicit photographs and sent a picture of his genitals.
What do both of these situations have in common?

The young teenagers that Haswell and Crombie were talking to, was in fact “Dark Justice”, who pose as underage children to catch paedophiles and online groomers.

One of the men from the two- man operation known as Callum, wants people to know that it can happen to anyone’s son or daughter. Callum has said that the main reason it was set up was “To raise awareness and show the community that online grooming is everywhere before we started a lot of people said this will not happen to my child”. Their main aim is “to get the police the funding and cut the red tape they have to abide by.”

Bob Smart, from Northamptonshire who is retired after 35 years on the force says that “the police are restricted in what they can do…as far as catching paedophiles is concerned, you got to understand that there are laws and the police will always have to act within the law.”

Dark Justice has received a lot of support and praise from the public. Mr Smart has said the reason for such a high mass of encouragement is because “they see any action better than no action”. Do the police support what Dark Justice are doing, some can associate them as a vigilante group. Vigilantes are recognised for taking the law into their own hands.

When asked if the police support what they do, Callum’s reply was “To a certain extent yes they probably do approve but they can’t condone it.”

Mr Smart has said that what Dark Justice are doing can be dangerous as “they are not police officers, they are not trained”. However “as long as they present the package, for the police to prosecute, I guess it’s almost acceptable”. Not everyone supports them, Mr Smart further goes on to say that “the top of the organisation in the police and Government and justice, would say no thank you…The management can’t condone things like Dark Justice as it fringes on vigilantism”.

Do you support Dark Justice?

DISCLAIMER: Bob Smart does NOT speak on behalf of the police force. He has been on the force for 35 years and is in retirement. The answers he has provided is  his personal opinion. He has spent 20 years as a detective and 10 years in Police intelligence.


Khanderly Parker

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