People in Birmingham Waiting to Buy iPhone X

Before 9 o’clock in the morning, which was the open time of the Apple store on New Street in Birmingham, there were a lot of people lining into three blocks in the front of the store. Most of the waiting crowd were wearing a thick coat against the wind. There were also some people taking chairs with them, so that they could sit down and have a rest in the waiting time. 1 on 1 service made the speed of customers’ entering into the store relatively slow, but people still continued to join the queue. There were also many people watching in front of the shop, probably considering whether to join the long wait or not.

In memory of iPhone’s 10th anniversary, iPhone X is officially on sale today. Since the iPhone launched ten years ago, every time a new one issuance makes a big hit. The intelligent mobile phone has become mainstream and even an integral part of people’s life. It is a significant change in the world. This time, Apple Corp attaches great importance to iPhone X, which was called “intelligent mobile phone leading the development in the next ten years”. IPhone X looks futuristic with innovative full-screen design, and it supports wireless charging. Its powerful rear camera has dual lens optical image stabilization function. Most importantly, IPhone X has the function of facial recognition. All of these have become the reasons for Apple fans to endure the long time queuing and high prices. IPhone X has the highest pricing on record. 64GB is priced at £999, while 256GB is priced at £1,149.

Before iPhone X, iPhone 8 went on sale last month, however, its sales have been disappointing. It was said that the staff have set the barrier for iPhone 8’s sale, but the team was sparse so they had to demolish it earlier. There is almost a consistent explanation for this, “waiting for iPhone X”. Jordin, who just got a new iPhone and went out of the store with joy, said to me, “definitely iPhone X! It’s not much more money!” He doesn’t think iPhone X is too expensive, because Samsung Galaxy sells for more than £1,000. “No one cares about the price in front of Apple products.” Jordin also told me that the iPhone X’s screen looks so nice that he had to get it on the first day.

Unlike Jordin, Luke was waiting in line for admission. He thought iPhone X is indeed expensive. He could not accept a phone starting at more than four figures, and successfully, iPhone X was within his range, which is why he was in line here. In the face of some people saying that Apple products are no longer immensely satisfying without Steve Jobs, Luke disagreed. He felt that there is still room for growth, but apple products are good, and that is the reason people are still excited and still queuing to buy it.

As you could see, the queue crowd was excitedly talking about the new mobile. When the person who successfully got iPhone X and came out of the store, he/she had a smile on the face and was greeted with envious glances.

Yunjia Wang


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