Popular Warwickshire Pub Re-Opens After Six-Figure Revamp

The newly renovated pub now caters a fresh ‘All Day Menu’, filled with exciting events for punters in their local.

After a year of redevelopment, The One Elm finally reopened their doors to the public of Stratford Upon Avon, continuing the spectacular development of the city’s medieval town, boosting locals with an all-new refurbished hub to wine, dine & socialise with friends.

The rejuvenation of the pub from the outside and in has allowed for more folks of all interests to be welcomed into the traditional pub as the upstairs loft has been renovated into a style of elegance with cosy booths to socialise in packs of friends, while also enjoying comfy leather armchairs by the bar where locals evenings can be appreciated.

However, despite the excitement generated from the development of the new pub before completion, a small minority of regulars were concerned the local was changing to entice different types of audiences, however as regular customer Dina Wallace explains, she was surprised to see how well The One Elm managed to create a space for everybody welcome.

“This is our local, so of course anybody would be a bit concerned if something you loved was about to change to stay with the times. But I am delighted The One Elm, and the landlord managed to find a way to integrate all people into our pub.”

With a brand new all day menu, made with the finest pieces of ingredients to clinch the appetites of their locals, it provides extra incentive for customers to enjoy their local pub in more ways than ever before, with special offers enticing customers to come together to enjoy quality food and drinks at an establishment that has been bringing the people of Stratford Upon Avon together for almost 15 years.

So whether it’s grabbing your ‘All American Brunch’ on a Saturday Morning, or relishing the sweet delights of a Sunday roast to go with your entertainment, it’s all possible within the friendly infrastructures that The One Elm creates for it’s punters.

Kevin Boateng


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