Prague: 5 things to see


Charles Bridge

Known as very historical and monumental spot, Prague, capital and the largest city of the Czech Republic, brings around 8 million tourists each year.

Even though the places below might seem to be quite obvious to visit, from my experience (and trust me I’ve been in this place so many times) Prague can never get cliché. It is that kind of place where you can just wander around and always discover something new. The city will take you to the journey back in time – you just have to have your eyes and mind opened.


  1. Charles Bridge

Especially in the summer season, Charles Bridge is full of small craft stalls and artists selling their works between bridge sculptures. Apart from really artsy vibe, the main view on Vltava River is just breathtaking. Take

a while to stand there and admire the view. If you fancy nice little souvenir from Prague, Charles Bridge
is definitely the place to look for one.

  1. Old Town

Full of tiny streets, all leading to Old Town Square, Old Town will take you back straight to 12th century. Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic buildings surrounding the square make you want to take a break from walking and just sit down and look around. Especially, in the summer time Old Town Square turns in to outdoor informal theatre filling up with performers such as dancers, fire-eaters, magicians and singers.

  1. John Lennon Wall

Located near Charles Bridge, John Lennon Wall is a perfect spot not only for lovers of The Beatles, but for all of those with artistic flair. It used to be a wall to write bad feelings towards the communist regime, but now stands for peace, love and equality. Since late 80s, 10-metre-long wall has been filled up with colourful drawings and writing. If you’re tired of Prague’s hustle and bustle, definitely get off the track and visit that place.

  1. Hradcany

John Lennon Wall

This area is surrounding the Prague Castle, the old royal district. Full of noble historical buildings, Hradcany has really romantic vibe. It is one of the most appealing and aesthetic parts of Prague – and it’s also full of small restaurants and bars. If you want to stop for food and enjoy it in a cozy atmosphere, Hradcany is the perfect place for that.

  1. Golden Lane

Located in Hradcany, Golden Lane was a location for 16th Century alchemists. A tiny street with colourful buildings makes you feel like in a fairy tale. One of the houses on that lane is connected to famous Czech writer Franz Kafka, who was writing some of his stories in there.


Prague is an ideal place for history and art lovers. If you love discovering and wandering around for hours on end or you just want to stop rushing for a while and go back in time, definitely put Prague down on your “to visit” list.

P.S.: For all the party lovers, you won’t be disappointed either; nightlife in Prague is also on point! And the pint of good Czech beer in pubs is only around £1!


Natalia Kaluza

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