Prague: Our resident blogger on adventure Day 3

We’ve sent our resident blogger and reporter Raisa Ismail on an adventure to Prague (Czech Republic) for 8 days with Coventry University Media Production students. Let’s see how it goes.

It’s Day 3 and it’s snowing!

I woke up at 8am to my roommates staring out the window shouting, “It’s snowing!”

And with the snow comes the cold. I won’t lie I couldn’t feel my hands for most of the day and I was clever enough to leave my gloves in the hotel room.

However, the snow made Prague look absolutely stunning and the old architecture added to the mystery of the city. I couldn’t stop taking pictures on my way to my placement.

Today I was back at the Prague Post where I had my first real journalistic experience. I had been sent off the evening before to an art exhibition called Akt 2016 and I got into work to write a review about it. It was a collective exhibition that included the art of 26 artists on the broad theme of nudity.

After writing the review I started on my news articles and news briefs. I was in the office till about 5pm and met up with some students on my way back to the hotel. They had just come back from location hunting for their films and many were still out sorting out equipment and props.

They asked me to join them for a late lunch and I agreed to meet them after picking up my camera from the hotel and dropping off my laptop.

I went to the location they said they would be at and as my luck would have it, I couldn’t find them. What a surprise! After finding some wifi by standing outside a Starbucks, I messaged one of the group members to let them know I couldn’t find them.

I was then starving and picked up a quick meal of fries and cheese bites from McDonald’s. My plan was to go to the Charles Bridge and wander around the other side before returning to the hotel. I still wanted to take some pictures.

I started walking in a familiar direction but quickly got caught up walking into little trinket shops and soon enough I lost my way. I ended up about 15 minutes away from where I actually wanted to be. However, I followed my bad judgement and continued walking, which led me right back to where I had started.

I decided to give myself another chance and set about using the map this time. Did it work? No. I was back in the main town square. Again.

Oh well, I decided to enjoy the moment of exploring and detoured on my way home. On the way I found the most peculiar café called Double H.

After a lengthy discussion about the cafes teas and coffees I ended up leaving the shop with a tea containg orange juice, fresh ginger, raspberry tea (I think), and, wait for it….Tabasco! It was the most incredible tea I have ever had in my life and I intend on going back before my flight back home.


That’s all for day 3 but I’m sure I’ll get lost again tomorrow and will be back to tell you about it.

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