Prague: Our resident blogger on adventure Day 2

We’ve sent our resident blogger and reporter Raisa Ismail on an adventure to Prague (Czech Republic) for 8 days with Coventry University Media Production students. Let’s see how it goes.

Day 2

Today was very exciting. I joined a few of the film crew that were going out to scout locations because I had a few hours to kill before I was needed at my work placement. We set off towards Charles Bridge and the astronomical clock. On the way we encountered a little pastry shop on a street selling the most interesting pastries I have ever seen.

They look like coiled doughnut rings with a hollow centre that is baked on a long, thin pole. The lady put a gorgeous amount of Nutella and I bit right into it. It was warm, sugary and just what I needed on a cold day.

I then took off for my placement and was pleasantly surprised when I met the editor of the Prague Post. Raymond took my up to the offices and we got started. He explained how the website ran and what I could do so I got started on editing and writing news briefs for today’s news post. Seeing as I was free for more work I was sent off to an exhibition in the city that was very popular and my task is to write an article about it tomorrow.

I took a nice walk to the gallery and found a really interesting space. It is located in what seems to have previously been a house, but with several modifications having been made. There were several narrow corridors and a bridge (yes an actual little bridge) in the middle of one room that you had to walk under to get to the rest of the exhibition.

I looked around and observed the paintings that were all painted by different artists. I took a few notes and left. I was going to meet the film crew who were filming a time lapse in the Old Town Square.

I detoured on my way there to take a few pictures of the colourful buildings that I saw on my way. I love the architecture in this city. It’s very unique in that many buildings are painted pastel yellows, greens and corals. It gives the city a very playful and colourful atmosphere, regardless of the grey clouds that followed me around today.

I got to the Old Town Square eventually and couldn’t find the group. Not another day 1 incident! I thought I was lost and asked if I was in the right town square and the guy I asked confirmed that I was. I walked around different tourists groups trying to look for a familiar face. I must have wondered around for 10 minutes before I finally spotted the bright orange jacket that belonged to one of the students.

We filmed the time lapse, bought crepes and hot chocolates and took of in different directions. A couple of us headed to the Hard Rock Café in the city for a nice meal. We ate ourselves into a comatose state and stumbled all the way back to the hotel for a good night sleep.


That’s all for today but I promise I have lots planned for the days ahead.


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