Prague: Our resident blogger on adventure Day 4 and 5

We’ve sent our resident blogger and reporter Raisa Ismail on an adventure to Prague (Czech Republic) for 8 days with Coventry University Media Production students. Let’s see how it goes.

Day 4
Today was very interesting. I left the hotel at 9am and had 3 hours to kill before I had to be at my work placement at 12:30pm.

The night before I had made a list of place I wanted to go to while in Prague. It included the Charles Bridge (during the day), the National Museum, and an area not far from the hotel called Namesti Miru.

I headed towards Namesti Miru first as it was the closest to the hotel, and I then planned on walking around in the area near my work placement.

The area around Namesti Miru had several cafes and restaurants that looked so tempting! I wanted to try something from each and every one of them.

The main attraction at the square is the huge Church of Saint Ludmila. I took a few photos and wandered around for a little while. It was a pleasant day and I wanted to enjoy the weather.

On my way back towards the main streets I walked past the cutest chocolate shop and I could not walk past without going in. In the store, they sold high quality chocolate bars from all over the world but also handmade chocolates from the Czech Republic.

I bought myself a mini box of chocolates and selected 6 different dark chocolates that included peppermint, cherry and salted caramel flavours. I also bought two very interesting sardine chocolates that looked a bit fishy! I can’t wait to give them to my friends back in the UK.

After leaving the chocolate shop I happened upon one of the most interesting cafes I have ever seen. I loved my luck in Prague of finding such unique places in the city. The café was called Anonymous and the theme was based on the V for Vendetta movie about the anonymous hero V. It was the second café of its kind in Prague and the barista said the owners are hoping to open up more Anonymous cafes in Europe. (I hope one comes to the UK!). I bought myself a chai latte and wandered around all the marvel memorabilia in the shop and soon left for work.

At my placement I wrote several articles that got published on the day and I was so ecstatic. I started feeling like a real journalist. And to add to that magical feeling, my boss sent Gabriella (one of the interns) and myself to the opening of the art exhibition called ‘the soul of money’. We were to go to the press preview of the show and write a piece about it for the website.

We took the tram there and milled around the gallery before the show. The curator and some of the artists themselves took us around the exhibition and explained their work and the thinking behind the theme of the show, which was money and its role in today’s world.

It was about 8pm by the time I got back to the city centre and I walked into the nearest restaurant for some much-needed dinner, which concluded day 4 in Prague.

Day 5

Today is my last day at my work placement and I went in a bit earlier at 10am to get as much done as I could before I left Prague.

I started on a joint article with Gabriella about the exhibition we went to the night before.

Soon after that, I had to record a piece-to-camera of myself in the city for the television crew back in Coventry and I snuck out to a nearby park to get it done.

My day finished with me writing two more news articles for the website about the Czech Republic’s plans for the EU summit that was being held today and the day before.

I left the Prague Post at 3pm and headed towards the hotel. On my way I walked into a little bistro café where I bought some freshly made cinnamon biscuits and a walnut-filled croissant that tasted heavenly.

I passed through an amazing antique store where I bought two postcards that had actually been written on and included postage stamps. The pictures on the postcards themselves were so beautiful that I couldn’t resist.

I got to the hotel and swapped my laptop for my camera and zoom lens. I headed straight towards the Charles Bridge, determined not to lose my way today. I got to the Charles Bridge and saw the most peculiar thing just to the side of the bridge. People had started putting locks along the edge of the bridge, mimicking the love-locks on the Pont des Arts in Paris. I took a few pictures and went on my way.

I walked over the Charles Bridge to see the famous baby statues that have strange faces on them. I saw the penguins in the river and walked around the park.

As it turned dark I went looking for some food and headed towards the main streets. I walked into a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant where I ordered a potato pancake. It was massive. The potato pancake was larger than my head and had a mushroom omelette in the middle of it. I ate as much as I could and started off back as it was already 8:30pm.

On my way home I decided I wanted to try the little teahouse I had seen just off Wenceslas street. It was amazing. The little teahouse was so quaint. I was sat at a table with a menu that boasted about 100 different teas and was given a bell to ring when I was ready to order. I ordered an iced matcha green tea with mango bits in it and sat in the café for as long as I could before going back to the hotel.



That’s all about day 4 and 5 folks but stay tuned.

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