Prague: Our resident blogger on adventure Day 6

We’ve sent our resident blogger and reporter Raisa Ismail on an adventure to Prague (Czech Republic) for 8 days with Coventry University Media Production students. Let’s see how it goes.

Day 6

I got up at 6:45am this morning. Why? I was going for a sunrise walk with Becks and with only two days left I wanted to experience the city of Prague before the hustle and bustle of tourists picked up. It was definitely worth it.

I was using Becks’ 35mm film camera to try and re-learn how to use a film camera. She was going to teach me the basics of a film camera and Prague provided us with fantastic photo opportunities.

We discovered a little food market starting up right on the riverside. We both bought some fresh orange and passion fruit juice to boost our energy and get us prepared for the rest of the walk.

Our walk took us along the river all the way to Charles Bridge. We crossed over and decided to challenge ourselves and walk right up to the cathedral at the top of the hill.

I don’t think my legs will ever go through more strenuous exercise than that walk up to St Vitus Cathedral. Out of breath and with the legs crying out we finally got to the top.

Luckily, we spotted a little café that looked so inviting and we decided to breakfast there. It was a petit little café with a French themed look. With some ginger tea in our system to warm us up we set off towards the cathedral.

As we got to the cathedral more and more tourists started coming up. We walked around taking pictures and walked down the hill using a different route. On the way some standing musicians started playing Que sera sera and we couldn’t help but burst into song.

We finally got back to the hotel around 1pm and using a fitness app on an iPhone we counted that we had walked 10.9 miles. What a workout!

After that the only logical thing to do was take a nap. So I did. I woke up even more exhausted and turned in as soon as supper was done.

That was my exciting day 6 with only two days left in this beautiful city.

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  1. Beck

    It was a good photography adventure. Sunrise is the best time of day…. The small market was a great example of how the community lives on a clear background, with us being the only tourists.

    Singing Que sera sera to a violin and an accordion, in freezing cold weather was our most creative moment.
    We have run your negatives through the machine…… and I think you should be excited to see them.


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