Prague: Our resident blogger on adventure Day 7 and 8

We’ve sent our resident blogger and reporter Raisa Ismail on an adventure to Prague (Czech Republic) for 8 days with Coventry University Media Production students. Let’s see how it goes.

Day 7 and 8

My last two days in Prague and they have been crazy busy. Since many students were done with their filming and I had completed my work placement many us wanted to tour the city once again before we left.

Today Emily and I decided to go for a brunch together because we both slept late the night before and missed breakfast.

We decided to visit Slavia café, a café that has historic significance in Prague because it was known for housing intellectuals and artists who were suppressed during the Country’s communist period.

We had a delicious brunch of avocado sandwiches and we moved on to walk over to Charles Bridge and walked along the river to get there.

Souvenir shops were our next stop and we both picked beautiful pieces of artwork created by local artists, which included vintage posters and postcards.

On our way back from all the shopping we decided to unwind at the teahouse I had visited before and had the best tea I have ever tasted in my life.

It was called ‘Memories of Bombay’ and it was Assam tea with bitter chocolate in it but served with honey and almond milk. Basically it was paradise in a cup.

The evening was a bit more relaxing and Emily and I went for dinner at a small Turkish restaurant before heading back to the hotel.

I was awake again at 1am because I had agreed to help one of the filming crews by being an extra in their film and so we had to be at the location of the shoot at 1:30am. We got taken to the jazz bar where the last scene of the film was being shot and tried to keep myself awake. It was interesting watching all the crew get into positions and it gave me an insight into what a film shoot looks like. There were several re-takes and the other extras and myself just enjoyed the atmosphere and the music.

The filming was done by 3:30am and we all jumped into the cars to get back. I had four hours sleep and was awake again at 9am because our checkout was at 10. After packing and shoving our suitcases into the hotel luggage hold we all went out for a walkabout and today I finally visited the Lennon wall. It was covered in very interesting graffiti and I guess it was a common thing for many tourists to sign their names on the wall. My friends and I did the same and headed back over the Charles Bridge (yes I know I walked along that about a hundred times on this trip) and looked for a place for lunch. Two people in our group fancied visiting the teahouse and I was more than happy to go back. So my last meal in Prague was an iced green tea and couscous. It was amazing.

Straight after we had to rush back to the hotel to catch the coach to the airport. We checked in, boarded and then arrived back in the UK at around 11pm. The coach back from Gatwick got us to Coventry at 2am and by 2:30 I was fast asleep.

That was my wild week in Prague and I hope it inspires you to travel, explore and grow from your experiences.


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