Premier League clubs to fix away tickets

Premier League clubs have agreed that they will cap the price travelling fans pay for match day tickets.

The price cap will come into affect at the start of next season.

This will be well received by football fans throughout the country. This season just 8 premier league clubs offered travelling fans tickets that were £30 or less.

The price cap means that a number of the top flight clubs will have to significantly cut what they currently charge away fans to attend matches.

The worst offenders West Ham United whose £85 ticket will have to be reduced by nearly two thirds.

Despite the new cap there will be fans out there that still don’t think that this is enough of a reduction.

Banners with the slogan “Twenty is Plenty” have been seen at grounds across the country for the past few seasons. This is though an obvious positive for the football fans, which many will argue has come better late than never.

Joshua Mugridge

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