Purple Rain – A Celebration of Prince…Unmissable.

Jimi Love and his 8 band mates blew the roof off the assembly venue in Leamington last Saturday with their Purple Rain – Celebration of Prince show.

The energy infused group performed back-to-back hits from Prince as well as renditions of Michael Jackson and Beyoncé for a non-stop 2-hour show. Regardless of lack of breaks, the group outstandingly kept the same energy and kept the party going. The audience were on the balls of their feet jumping from the get go.

Usually with tribute acts, the main performer is the soul focus and the band acts as just support, fading in to the background. Purple Rain – A Celebration of Prince is the only tribute show I have encountered that differs. From the keys, to the drums, saxes, trumpets, bass and supporting singer, everyone put on their own show. It was unbelievable. Each member held the spotlight and showed what they were made of. Everyone had their own solo and absolutely got the audience screaming for more. There was never a silent beat or pause between songs, just non-stop funk.

There were a few standout highlights of the show for everyone in attendance. Whether it was the crowd-pleasing performance of ‘Kiss’, or when the band themselves came into audience to funk along with the fans, or potentially even the very last moment before the show ended. The end involved Jimi reaching out for that iconic style guitar all Prince fans know of, asked the audience to raise an arm and ‘take a moment to remember Prince, the reason why we all here’. The band then followed with a tear jerking, beautiful, performance of Purple Rain.

After the show, I managed to get a word with Jimi about what Prince truly means to him and if he enjoyed the show. “Absolutely! Whilst still so bittersweet, as we all miss Prince so much…and that void will never be truly filled, we feel so blessed to be able to celebrate his legacy with our Purple Family!”

After seeing the raw emotion from Jimi’s performance, I had to ask how much these shows mean to him, especially with the passing of Prince in April last year. “Yes of course, I started this band over 12 years ago and I always thought I’d have retired and still be able to go watch Prince…as I said before it’s really bittersweet, but the love and emotion in the room is like therapy…there are so many fans like us out there who are still devastated by his passing, but when we’re all together like the other night, it feels like he’s still with us.”

I asked one half of the dynamic saxophone duo, Nate Holder, as to why people should to come see this amazing show. “People should come to the show if they love to sing, dance and celebrate the genius of Prince and his music!”

The show was described as, ‘As close to Prince that you’ll ever get’ by a bystander and I definitely agree. Everyone was incredible; I will definitely be attending their show again.
I personally was not apart of the generation that was brought up with the influence of Prince, but after this outstanding performance from Jimi Love and his band, I am certainly now a fan.

The Purple Rain – A Celebration of Prince will be performing in the midlands area on the dates that follow below. Make sure to check them out! A definite not miss event!

Upcoming Shows:
Thursday 30th November at The Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham. Tickets are said to be running low for this event

25th Feb 2018 we’ll be back at the Royal & Dearngate Theatre Northampton.

Written by:
Ben Masters

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