Rainbows has closed its doors forever!

Rainbows the night club has closed this year and to celebrate it went out with a bang on New Year’s Eve. It’s sad sight to see the 20-year-old venue open its doors for one last time but they didn’t leave their devoted customers to upset with a final night to remember.

The nightclub was one of the first openly gay clubs in Coventry and has really helped the Coventry pride movement over the years. They have had a strong relationship throughout the years with  Coventry Pride. As the charity has been using the venue for one of the prides annual celebrations.

The beloved placed will be missed by plenty as John Wright says “What a sad day for all our fellow gays”.

Tim Bredford also said  “I’ve not been to any club in years which is perhaps part of the problem. When I was younger Rainbows was my favourite, lots of good memories.”

Ian Thomas even shared his good luck with the place “Very sad to hear this news. Rainbows was were I met my husband back in those wonderful days when you had to go out and meet people rather than turning your phone on”

I spoke to rainbows owner Terry Limmer asking his take on the closure. He highlighted some of the reasons that rainbows sadly closed. “High rent and council tax have forced our hand to close. Rainbows was the only purpose developed LGBTQ venue for a long “

He goes on to say “The Yard is new and now it is their turn to serve Coventry’s LGBTQ community and we hope they get the same support we have been so lucky to have”

He then went onto thank the customers over the years for their endless amount of support that they have offered. “Thank you to all the people who supported Rainbows for however long, we have made many amazing friends and met some real characters along the way (good and not so good) but you all made it what it is, what it was.”

On Coventry Prides official facebook page they thanked Rainbows for all their hard work that they have contributed to Coventry Pride throughout the years.

They said “We’re very sad to see Rainbows go and we wish everyone involved every success in the future. We hope that Rainbows will be replaced by another venue at some point in the future to give Coventry a varied and vibrant future.”

And went on to say “The trustees of Coventry Pride would like to thank Terry, Gary and all his team over the last 20 years for providing our city with an LGBT venue which has served our community well”

Though this effects the community it will bring business for other LGBT venues in the Coventry area such as The Yard. This new venue offers karaoke, drink and for its customers to have a good time.

Terry Limmer, suggested that Coventry isn’t big enough for two competing LGBT venues and that The Yard could be the place to go in the future.

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