RECIPE: Easy Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

Although it’s still a cold February Tuesday, at least today is Pancake Day! Yes, it is a real thing and yes, it is a valid reason to put your diet on hold for a minute or two.

Pancake Day – or Shrove Tuesday, as some of you may know it – celebrates the last day before Lent starts. It doesn’t matter if you’re actually giving up chocolate and sweets for this period or not; this gives you a great excuse to treat yourself.

Whether you fancy drenching them in syrup or prefer the classic lemon and sugar topping, you don’t need to be a Great British Bake Off contestant to enjoy homemade pancakes. Try some of our quick and easy recipes!

Delicious crêpes

Martha Stewart’s American pancakes

Don’t worry; Pancake Day doesn’t have to be a sad occasion for vegans and those with certain allergies either. Follow these simple recipes with no fancy ingredients.


Milk and egg-free, suitable for both vegans and lactose intolerants


Of course, the only song you can make pancakes to is this one!

Kinga Fodor


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